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I went to school with this guy. I guess he thinks he’s a tattoo artist now. Apparently he did this himself, and he’s been putting pieces of “art” like this on other people i went to school with. Sooo bad.

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Slow music also puts the cashiers to sleep.



Tried to get a picture of Lilly and I together, this is the result.

This made me laugh out loud.  What is the cat sitting in? Just like the pictures I take.

Lilly is in her cat carrier, she made the trip from Michigan to Cali in it, you’d think she wouldn’t like it anymore!

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Do want!

Do want!

Blue Sharks!


Disaster Relief | American Red Cross

The tornado devastation in Oklahoma and surrounding areas is a horrific tragedy beyond words. At least 145 people reported injured with the death toll at 51, including 20 children

Please give what you can to help those who need it.

Also consider Oklahoma Baptist Disaster ReliefSalvation Army, and United Way of Central Oklahoma.

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Wanted a picture of Lilly and I, this is what I got.


vicious killer derp